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Having had an American mother and a Spanish father, she grew up accustomed to cultural differences, linguistic diversity and feeling between two worlds. In 2014, motivated by personal vital questions she studied "American identity" by interviewing people in different parts of North American territory. In 2016 Verónica graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada (Spain). For her final undergraduate project she studied the doctor-patient relationship in Planned Parenthood consultation, focusing on the process of hormonal contraceptives prescription. Intrigued by the social impact of legal drug consumption she unrolled a Master's Degree on Rational Use of Medicines at the University of Valencia. She is interested in the applicability of anthropology to the area of healthcare, and in the integration of techniques such as user experience design to improve people's experiences in health systems.
Fatimah Richmond

How does anthropology help Google UX? Interview with Fatimah Richmond

In six months’ time, one of the most pioneering and innovative events in applied anthropology of Europe will be held. Why the World needs Anthropologists: Designing the Future, will land at the beautiful city of Lisbon for this year´s edition. This 6th edition of will focus on Design Anthropology, a growing sub-discipline that addresses issues… Keep Reading

ethnographic thinking

What is Ethnographic Thinking? Interview with Jay Hasbrouck

The book “Ethnographic Thinking” arrives as a required reading in 2018 for all those interested in learning about how ethnographic thinking can help develop culturally informed strategies in organizations, companies and innovation projects around the world. The book is divided into three parts. The first part details some of the core qualities of ethnographic thinking.… Keep Reading


The energy transition needs anthropologists

It´s the final countdown! In just a few days the symposium that explores why the world needs anthropologists will start. There are many reasons that make this event so special: the quality of the speakers, its totally free cost, the practical workshops in which attendees can participate or the very interesting networking that is established… Keep Reading

european anthropology

Meta Gorup: transforming European anthropology

Only two weeks remain before one of the most important events on Applied Anthropology begins. Of course, we are talking about the EASA Applied Anthropology Network’s annual symposium ‘Why the world needs anthropologists’. On October 28th and 29th, the city of Durham (UK) will host this year´s edition which will address one of the most… Keep Reading

electrricity social

Electricity as a social phenomenon

What can an anthropologist do in the energy field? We continue to advance some of the interesting keys that will be discusted in the next Why the World needs anthropologists that will be held in Durham the days 28th and 29th of October 2017. If last week we introduced you the work of an anthropologist… Keep Reading

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