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Antropología 2.0 travels to Mexico

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We have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to arrive to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) to attend the III AIBR Anthropology Congress. In this article we will explain our relationship with such a prestigious association, what we have come to do here in Puerto Vallara and what we want to achieve in this event.

Antropologia2.0 viaja a Mexico

After our fabulous experience in the fifth edition of the Why the world needs anthropologists, Antropología 2.0 has travelled thousands of kilometres to get to Puerto Vallarta to attend the III International Congress of Anthropology AIBR. We are excited to share visions and experiences with fellow Latin Americans, in a friendly city open to the world that almost seems like paradise on earth.

Antropologia 2.0 and AIBR: a long-term relationship.

Antropología 2.0 shares with AIBR much of its history. In 2015, before Antropología 2.0 existed, we traveled to Madrid to volunteer at the first AIBR Anthropology Congress. On the last day of this event, a group of students met to discuss a common strategy when facing the professionalization of our discipline. There was uncertainty regarding the professional opportunities that four years of formal study in Social and Cultural Anthropology could provide, opportunities that we didn’t see clear and which had hardly been shown to us in our degrees. There, we discovered that we were not alone: this problem was common to all of the ten university degrees on anthropology currently running in Spain. We decided as students we had to join forces to address the need of a viable way to  professionalize ourselves. The result of that meeting was a Facebook group called “Let’s Professionalise Social and Cultural Anthropology!” in which we continued to discuss this issue once we had each returned to our cities.

Time went by and after re-thinking the debates that arose in the first AIBR congress, in May of 2016 we moved on to action: we created a modest blog with the aim of contributing to the visibility of the professionalization of our discipline, showing the numerous job opportunities for the anthropologists of the future.
And when was the first time we presented Antropología 2.0? Of course, it was at the II AIBR Anthropology Congress held in Barcelona in September 2016. It was there, in a panel on Applied Anthropology where Antropología 2.0 presented its ideas to the anthropological community. Ideas that were well received and situated the “formal” starting point of this project. (You can consult the video of that presentation “La web 2.0 como estrategia de profesionalización de la Antropología” by clicking HERE. )

A lot has happened since that presentation, but considering our common history with the AIBR, Antropología 2.0 did not want to miss an event that for us is almost an annual ritual by now. That is why, in spite of the physical and economic difficulties involved in crossing the Atlantic (as we are an independent project that does not have institutional funding), we have decided to attend the III AIBR Anthropology Congress. And this year we bring new surprises!

What will we do in this event?

Panel: Anthropology of (or for) the company

One of the issues that most concerned us in relation to the events on social anthropology held in Ibero-American environments is the absence of a theme that we consider essential for the professionalization of our discipline: Anthropology applied to business activity.
In Anglo-Saxon contexts, and also in certain areas of Ibero-America, private companies are an important hiring agent of anthropologists who work on issues related to market research, organizational anthropology, design anthropology or even intra-enterprise. Also many anthropologists decide to undertake their own projects under the formula of ethnographic consulting.

In Antropología 2.0 we consider this type of activities to be essential, but often invisibilized, even demonised by the academic community itself. That is why we have decided to organize the first specific panel on this subject in AIBR events, which we have called ANTHROPOLOGY OF (OR FOR) BUSINESS. You can consult the panel summary by clicking HERE

The panel will feature three interesting papers exploring the connection between social anthropology and the business world.
First of all, Verónica Reyero and myself, Pablo Mondragón, founders of Antropología 2.0, will introduce our experience with corporate anthropology in Spain, emphasizing how the creation of this project allowed us to get in touch with companies, training offers and agents interested in the application of ethnography in business areas.
Next, we have the privilege to count with a presentation by Sergio López, founder and director of AIBR and author of the excellent book “Antropología de la empresa”. Sergio will talk about the application of anthropology in financial fields, highlighting the work done by ethnographers like Karen Ho, Ellen Herz or Suzanne Menair.
Finally, the panel will also feature a presentation by Marisol Pérez Lizaur, a Mexican anthropologist who will address ethical and theoretical debates around corporate anthropology, sharing her fieldwork related to Mexican consultancies.

The panel is an open space for debate and discussion on the future of business anthropology, its ethical dilemmas, its references and its aspirations. We invite you to attend this unique space that will undoubtedly generate interesting ideas and alliances and that will allow a joint reflection on this subject. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, November 8th at 9:00 AM!
You can check the location of the event by clicking HERE.

Discussion table: Anthropology in the non-academic world

In addition to organizing the panel named Anthropology of (or for) business, Antropología 2.0 will have the privilege of participating in the discussion “ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE NON-ACADEMIC WORLD” to be held on November 9th at 18.30 PM. The summary of this discussion is very attractive:

To facilitate the insertion of anthropologists in the world of non-academic practice, we propose initiatives to be generated that aim at least these two objectives: firstly, to make known to the general public the anthropological point of view in relation to contemporary socio-cultural problems and, secondly, to provide support to anthropological professionals who wish to develop their careers in non-academic practices. The latter is of paramount importance since, in general, anthropology departments do not provide knowledge and skills that allow their graduates to perform effectively in non-teaching careers. Participants in this discussion will come up with ideas for initiatives to be developed and will also review initiatives that are already underway.

This talk will be attended by Ricardo Contreras, member of Ethnographica Consulting and ATLAS. ti, Sergio López, director of AIBR, Patricia Celis Banegas, organizer of the panel Economic and consumer Anthropology (which we also recommend you not to miss) and Pablo Mondragón, director of Antropología 2.0.
Without a doubt, this panel is an excellent opportunity for professionals and students who are facing their future outside the academy.

What are we looking for in this event?

Although attending our annual meeting with AIBR is reason enough to embark on a twenty-hour trip to Puerto Vallarta, I would not like to end this article without giving the rest of the reasons that motivate us to participate in the III AIBR Anthropology Congress.

First of all, as noted above, we believe it is important that business anthropology begins to find its place in the future of our discipline. As pointed out in the article “Antropología de la empresa: Una asignatura pendiente“, the inclusion of this sub-discipline in the formal spaces of the academy is essential to guarantee a professional future for the new generations of anthropologists who have just graduated. To this end, the first step is to participate in large spaces and participation such as the III Congress of Anthropology AIBR.

On the other hand, a large part of our followers and readers are from Mexico and there are many who have written  us asking how can they collaborate with the project. We wanted to get closer to all these people by visiting our beloved beautiful Mexico, which has treated us so well in previous occasions. It is a real privilege to us to be on this beautiful land again and enjoy its people, its customs and its excellent food (we are fans of the habanero sauce!).

Last but not least, we seek to create an international network with which to undertake future projects. Thanks to constant work and a huge dose of enthusiasm, Antropología 2.0 is growing very fast and has ambitious plans to establish a friendly network of collaborators and sympathizers in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.
That is why we encourage you to contact us, either at the congress or through our email address

With that said, we hope to see you at the 3rd AIBR Anthropology Congress next week.
We will be waiting for you!

Co-founder and CEO in Antropología 2.0 I contribute to the development of innovative business strategies by providing in-depth knowledge of human complexity. As a social anthropologist, I am qualified to conduct ethnographic research based on empathy and a holistic understanding of social phenomena. I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams providing valuable insights on which to build unique and differentiated strategies. My passion for people-centred innovation has led me to train in fields such as Business Anthropology, Design Thinking and Customer Experience (Cx)

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