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Annique Jansen is a social and cultural anthropologist based in Belgium specializing in organizational and business anthropology. She works as a freelance consultant and takes on a wide range of projects that have one thing in common: the need for a clear, ethnographic lens. Having experience in recruitment, sales, business development and social work, she combines these fields to offer advice on ethical entrepreneurship. Her goal is to motivate people to improve their corporate cultures and marketing strategies in the light of sustainable, human-centered entrepreneurship.

The benefits of hiring a person with a mental disability

In this rapidly changing world, it is not only medicine, technology and science that improves the lives of people. What is equally life-changing is that our society is opening up to a more inclusive approach to diversity. Diversity knows many different forms: from ethnic, gender, religious and class diversity to disability. In this article, I… Keep Reading


Different organizations, different leaders: Anthropology and leadership

In this article, I discuss the importance of a well-fitting leadership style to the construction of organizational culture. I start by explaining the formation process of organizational culture. Secondly, I explain the situational leadership style and discuss the pros and cons of looking into leadership from a typological perspective. Finally, I elaborate on the role… Keep Reading

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