Augusto Ferreira

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Graduated in Anthropology from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC), in Portugal, and postgraduate in Evolution and Human Biology by the same institution. Part-time researcher with ongoing projects in the areas of human osteology and human longevity (thesis project). Growing entrepreneur in the area of business anthropology. Founding member of the Portuguese National Association of Students of Anthropology (ANEANT) and, currently, its president. President of the organizing committee of "BeAnthropology - Coimbra 2018", the first national meeting of the Portuguese anthropology students.

Diving into the unknown: Business Anthropology in Portugal

When one starts studying anthropology at the university, one of the first things we’re told is that it can be used in almost anything. From medicine to psychology, the multidisciplinarity of anthropology allows it to be applied to a variety of crafts. But the problem begins when you actually start looking at the real options… Keep Reading

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