Gabriel Santiago Jurado Gonzalez

Gabriel Santiago Jurado Gonzalez has 16 articles published.

I am interested in applying anthropology in different areas of interdisciplinary research, especially the virtual and business worlds. I have done research in epidemiology, the design of products and services, virtual communities, knowledge distribution, comparative literature, and the “classic” socio-cultural anthropology. I believe that our discipline can offer something special to all research topics, hence my interest in it.

UXPressia: our research ally

UXpressia is an online tool that helps you create great User Personas and Experience maps. The platform provides a large number of templates with explanations and case studies that make it easier to build your own maps. In Antropología 2.0, we work with this tool to organise data during fieldwork and to facilitate the visual… Keep Reading

brand love

Brand love or emotional relationships with brands

In the world of customer engagement, it is common to hear that companies want to transform their brands into “Love Brands”. A Love Brand is a brand that attracts customers and catches them emotionally, sticks in their mind and heart, gets ingrained there and never leaves. Love brands are brands that generate such a strong… Keep Reading

emprendimiento social

The value of anthropology in social entrepreneurship

Have you asked yourself: what role can anthropology have in the world of social entrepreneurship? This article introduces some of the contributions that anthropological research can provide to the design, promotion, support, and evaluation of social entrepreneurship initiatives. I will start by defining what social enterprises are and then explain how anthropological research can contribute… Keep Reading

league of legends
Case studies

League of Legends: rituality, interactions and events

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the subcultures originated around the consumption of a particular product or brand. We also mentioned how some events or activities can generate in the participants what in anthropology has been classified as communitas: the feeling of being part of a group or community. In this text, I will… Keep Reading

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