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4 departments that need business anthropology

  William Orman Beeman is quite an ambivalent man. In addition to being an actor and singer, he is professor of business anthropology and President of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota (USA). Last year 2016 he was the person in charge of organizing the annual congress of EPIC, an organization focused… Keep Reading

thick data

What is Thick Data?

We live in a time in which Big Data seems to be the ultimate solution for data collection. The possibility of obtaining massive and segmented information through the Internet, the fact of being permanently geo-localized through our smartphones or the huge amount of metadata we produce in our virtual chores (getting to popularize the saying… Keep Reading

anthropology cars innovation

Anthropology and self-driving cars

What can anthropology contribute to self-driving cars sector? In this article we explain this innovative relation. Progressively technology is becoming more relevant in contemporary societies, gradually replacing many of the tasks that the human being used to perform or accompanying it in their daily lives. Technological advances have also been noticed in the automotive sector, improving… Keep Reading


The need for an anthropology of medicines

What medicines do we take more and why? What do we expect from the medicines we consume? In times of collective doping, I think it´s good to reflect on these types of issues. We know that people have always used substances for different reasons. Recent discoveries also point out that neanderthals had used penicillium or acid… Keep Reading


Cultural differences in internationalization of companies

In this increasingly interconnected world, it is hard to take the time to analyze it and analyze us meticulously, because we are part of an increasingly competitive and dynamic global environment that changes international relations.   What is this internationalization? Companies have, in this context, a constant need for change and innovation, which means: a… Keep Reading


When engineering and anthropology think together

What is microgeneration using renewable energies? Are you sure it’s something an anthropologist can collaborate in? It sounds like engineering, it sounds like … no, it definitely does not sound like something that has to do with anthropology. Are you sure? Well, let me convince you. In the next lines I will try to get… Keep Reading

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