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Personas en un coworking

Microcultures can lead to emerging trends

In the Polish language, the word ‘microculture’ arguably does not carry many connotations. Our daily reality is dominated by culture in its general sense: European, Polish, pop or niche culture for that matter. Look at a yoghurt cup and you will find ‘live cultures’ there. In the realm of research, microcultures are normally studied by… Keep Reading

Doctorado en antropología

Should I enrol in a PhD if I want to be a business anthropologist?

This article deals with a common problem for professional profiles working with companies. Is it worth doing a PhD if you are going to work in the private world? The growing interest in applied Anthropology is rapidly changing the landscape of the discipline in and out of academia. It is definitely an interesting moment for… Keep Reading


The benefits of hiring a person with a mental disability

In this rapidly changing world, it is not only medicine, technology and science that improves the lives of people. What is equally life-changing is that our society is opening up to a more inclusive approach to diversity. Diversity knows many different forms: from ethnic, gender, religious and class diversity to disability. In this article, I… Keep Reading

5G coronavirus

Coronavirus and 5G, or Why the Bat Doesn’t Cut It

In her book, Psychology of Conspiracy Thinking [in original Psychologia myślenia spiskowego] (2016), Monika Grzesiak-Feldman cites a late-1970s study in which researchers tested the theory that people are more inclined to attribute a big cause to big events. Participants were presented with two possible assassination scenarios: in the first one the attacker shot and killed… Keep Reading

business anthropologist

Proud to call myself a “Business Anthropologist”

For the past seven years, anthropology has become the central theme of my life. My undergraduate thesis was focused on problematizing career opportunities in anthropology. Around that same time, I started a project aimed at making the career opportunities of anthropology visible, promoting the professionalization of this discipline and claiming the theoretical and methodological role… Keep Reading


Diving into the unknown: Business Anthropology in Portugal

When one starts studying anthropology at the university, one of the first things we’re told is that it can be used in almost anything. From medicine to psychology, the multidisciplinarity of anthropology allows it to be applied to a variety of crafts. But the problem begins when you actually start looking at the real options… Keep Reading

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