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UXPressia: our research ally

UXpressia is an online tool that helps you create great User Personas and Experience maps. The platform provides a large number of templates with explanations and case studies that make it easier to build your own maps. In Antropología 2.0, we work with this tool to organise data during fieldwork and to facilitate the visual… Keep Reading

business anthropology global summit

A look back at II Business Anthropology Global Summit

Last week I was in New York to attend the second edition of the Business Anthropology Global Summit, a discreet event, without great promotion, but which felt to me like such a historic moment. After years of reading all the Business Anthropology books that have crossed my path, I found myself sharing oxygen with the… Keep Reading

why the world needs anthropology

Business Anthropology events in 2018

Generally, when we change the year on the calendar, people tend to look back and see how they have evolved, what they have done and reflect on it. Something similar happens to us with Business Anthropology. Year after year we try to collect the main milestones and events celebrated in the domain of B.A, and… Keep Reading

hackathon innova y accion

The Power of Multidisciplinarity: Hackathon-Valencia Case

This weekend we have participated in the II Edition of Hackathon Innova&Acción Business Challenge, an event organized by the Association of ex-students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Innova&Acción team. The Hackathon format I imagine a lot of people are wondering: A Hacker…what? The term hackathon is an acronym for the words “Hacker” and… Keep Reading

Antropología de la empresa

Business Anthropology has finally a manual in Spanish

With the publication of his new book “Antropología de la Empresa”  (Business anthropology), Sergio D. López has provided the sub-discipline with a manual that could serve as a basis for a hypothetical subject. Historical experience has shown that great changes, especially those affecting preset paradigms, generally stem from the stubborn intellectual work of one or… Keep Reading

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