Antropología 2.0 is a strategic consultancy specialized in ethnographic research and Thick Data. We contribute to innovation processes and product or service development by providing in-depth knowledge of people and social contexts.
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Antropología is the spanish word for Anthropology. And yes, we know we could be 3.0 or 4.0… but, our commitment is to develope a new way of understanding our discipline. Its a new type of Anthropology! We believe in the professional practice as the engine of theoretical, ethical and methodological development. We use effective communication and 2.0 tools to get our message across to all social agents, whether they be companies, public organisations, universities or individuals. 

We are physically located in Valencia, Spain. However, our extensive network of national and international partners and our tools 2.0 allow us to undertake multi-site projects almost anywhere in the world.

This blog seeks to be a reference for those interested in people-centred innovation driven by Business Anthropology, design and technology among others. The content of the blog includes interviews with professionals in the sector, practical study cases, methodological reflections, bibliographic reviews and articles of opinion. The aim of the blog is to underline the immense value of an anthropological approach in the field of innovation.

The blog accepts articles from contributors throughout the year. If you want to share your ideas and thoughts on Business Anthropology or people-centered innovation…. this is your place!
Contact us, tell us your idea and we will send you the style guide.

Antropología 2.0 ´s blog is a bilingual space, both in Spanish and in English. The best scenario is that the articles are sent in both languages. But, if you are not fluent in one of these two languages, articles can be submitted in either one of them. If the article is of high interest to the community, our organization may offer to translate it.

The leading firms are authors of the blog who:

  • Collaborate regularly and continuously with the blog (2 or more articles per month).
  • They have an outstanding professional and/or academic background in the field of Business Anthropology.

The blog has its own space for its prominent firms in the home menu, where its name, essential biography, affiliation / organization and social networks are indicated.

We are working to be able to offer specialized and quality training in the near future. If you are interested in more information about how to train through our platform or if you are a company and would like us to organize a workshop with your team, please contact us.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of Business Anthropology and the professionalization of the discipline both, outside and inside the classroom. We actively collaborate with numerous university centres through talks and workshops, both in person and online. 

At the moment we do not accept trainees, although we intend to welcome you in the future. We will notify of any updates through our social networks and newsletter.

We have set up a specific section for “reviews” in which we publish abstracts of articles, books, conference reports and other documents. If you have written a book or an article related to the topic and would like us to review it, please contact us.

Antropología 2.0´s blog has advertising spaces to promote events, softwares, products or services related to the principal topic of the blog. Write us at and we will inform you about the possibilities and prices.

Not at all! Antropología 2.0´s blog is an interdisciplinary space with room for numerous profiles. We welcome sociologists, psychologists, philosophists, designers, people from human resources, computer science, engineering or business management… Really anyone who is interested in people centred innovation.

To receive additional information about the blog or our consultancy, you can write to us at We will be more than happy to assist you.