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Antropología de la empresa

Business Anthropology has finally a manual in Spanish

With the publication of his new book “Antropología de la Empresa”  (Business anthropology), Sergio D. López has provided the sub-discipline with a manual that could serve as a basis for a hypothetical subject. Historical experience has shown that great changes, especially those affecting preset paradigms, generally stem from the stubborn intellectual work of one or… Keep Reading


4 departments that need business anthropology

  William Orman Beeman is quite an ambivalent man. In addition to being an actor and singer, he is professor of business anthropology and President of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota (USA). Last year 2016 he was the person in charge of organizing the annual congress of EPIC, an organization focused… Keep Reading

Kristen Hanich

Interview with Kristen Hanich: Applied Anthropologist

Kristen Hanich is an American applied anthropologist and data scientist with a background in public health. She works as a market research analyst, and is currently studying digital health and mobile trends across the globe.  She is also responsible for a quarterly report tracking the activities of leading tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and… Keep Reading

thick data

What is Thick Data?

We live in a time in which Big Data seems to be the ultimate solution for data collection. The possibility of obtaining massive and segmented information through the Internet, the fact of being permanently geo-localized through our smartphones or the huge amount of metadata we produce in our virtual chores (getting to popularize the saying… Keep Reading

women in corporate anthropology


Anyone who gets immersed in the world of business anthropology will soon realize the immense presence of women that this subdiscipline has. What is the influence of women in corporate anthropology ? This fact was already verified by the spanish anthropologist Jordi Roca in his book “Antropología Industrial y de la Empresa” (1998), where he notes… Keep Reading

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