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Laura Korculanin

On interdisciplinary & collaborative approaches.

Laura Korculanin is a Slovenian and Croatian design anthropologist specialising in water and toilets issues. She is conducting her PhD research at Design faculty IADE-UE where she is using anthropology research to inform creation of the design principles for sustainable urban water management in the city of Lisbon and which will serve to the implementation of innovative sustainable sanitation systems in… Keep Reading

Giulia Sinatti

Bringing together Social Sciences and industries: An interview with Giulia Sinatti

Giulia Sinatti is an ethnographic researcher driven by a passion for research that is not only scientifically relevant, but can also make a difference in the world we live in. Her core field of expertise is human migration and she has extensive experience working at the crossroads between academia and practice, undertaking research-informed assignments for grassroots… Keep Reading

Fatimah Richmond

How does anthropology help Google UX? Interview with Fatimah Richmond

The 6th edition of Why the World needs Anthropologists, significantly titled Designing the Future will focus on Design Anthropology, an emergent discipline combining ethnographic reflectivity and depth with a design-problem solving vocation. To support and promote participation in the Why the world needs Anthropologists: Designing the future event, Antropología 2.0 will post every month an… Keep Reading

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