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The energy transition needs anthropologists

It´s the final countdown! In just a few days the symposium that explores why the world needs anthropologists will start. There are many reasons that make this event so special: the quality of the speakers, its totally free cost, the practical workshops in which attendees can participate or the very interesting networking that is established… Keep Reading

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Electricity as a social phenomenon

What can an anthropologist do in the energy field? We continue to advance some of the interesting keys that will be discusted in the next Why the World needs anthropologists that will be held in Durham the days 28th and 29th of October 2017. If last week we introduced you the work of an anthropologist… Keep Reading

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Water challenges and anthropology. Interview to Veronica Strang

The 5th “Why the World needs anthropologists?” is right around the corner, and we are getting excited! In one month the city of Durham (UK) will host this edition named “Powering the Planet” where we will learn about how anthropologists can collaborate with different professionals to design energy innovations. To get a first contact with… Keep Reading

powering the planet

Powering the Planet. Anthropology commits with the future of energy

No challenge is most important than the care of our common home and the fight against climate change. One of the essential sectors in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable world is the energy sector. Humans have always used various forms of energy in order to organize themselves socially and optimize their productive… Keep Reading


When engineering and anthropology think together

What is microgeneration using renewable energies? Are you sure it’s something an anthropologist can collaborate in? It sounds like engineering, it sounds like … no, it definitely does not sound like something that has to do with anthropology. Are you sure? Well, let me convince you. In the next lines I will try to get… Keep Reading

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