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User as a Currency

Both internet users and market regulators are becoming more concerned about who uses personal data and how. The recent events involving Cambridge Analytica have helped to raise the awareness that the old joke, ‘on the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’, has long run its course. In this context, an opinion is often voiced at… Keep Reading



Since 2009, when smartphones appeared into our lifes, numerous mobile applications for qualitative research have been put out in the market and at our disposal. These apps are revolutionizing the ways to conduct researches, changing the way we make questions, how we select participating subjects for a study, or how we produce and store data. This penomena… Keep Reading


Anthropology. Health & Technology

The area of health is one of the fields where anthropology is proving its utility. From the classical studies on ‘doctor-patient’ relationships to the latest contributions to the world of E-Health, our discipline sheds light on these issues and makes visible what for many is still invisible.     The fields of Medicine and Pharmacology… Keep Reading

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