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league of legends
Case studies

League of Legends: rituality, interactions and events

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the subcultures originated around the consumption of a particular product or brand. We also mentioned how some events or activities can generate in the participants what in anthropology has been classified as communitas: the feeling of being part of a group or community. In this text, I will… Keep Reading

Case studies

Hawthrone effect: first contacts between anthropology and business

Between 1924 and 1932 members of the School of Human Relations conducted research to evaluate the impact of changes in working conditions on the productivity of workers. The research consisted of a series of experiments developed at Hawthorne Works, an industrial complex located outside of Chicago, USA, belonging to Western Electrics an electronics and parts… Keep Reading

Case studies

Thick Data in Product Development: The Go-Gurt Case

Thick Data refers to all those data obtained in an immersive/ethnographic way aiming at revealing the cultural, social and emotional contexts of one or several study groups. Thick Data-based studies have proven their enormous effectiveness when it comes to deepening the reality of users, their social and symbolic organization, their daily (or contextual) use of… Keep Reading

netflix thick data
Case studies

How Thick Data changed Netflix

The following text explains how Netflix has transformed the way we consume entertainment. Much of its success is due to its commitment to Thick Data and the use of ethnography as a way of knowing and understanding its users. Want to know more about Thick Data? Check out our article What is Thick Data Netflix… Keep Reading

anthropology in banking
Case studies


It is not common to find anthropologists working on issues related to banking. At first, it might seem that Wall Street or financial assets, trading, brokers or the famous subprime have nothing to do with the science of Malinowski, Boas or Geertz. However, we must understand that the banking panorama is composed of relational beings.… Keep Reading

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