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Brand love or emotional relationships with brands

In the world of customer engagement, it is common to hear that companies want to transform their brands into “Love Brands”. A Love Brand is a brand that attracts customers and catches them emotionally, sticks in their mind and heart, gets ingrained there and never leaves. Love brands are brands that generate such a strong… Keep Reading


Different organizations, different leaders: Anthropology and leadership

In this article, I discuss the importance of a well-fitting leadership style to the construction of organizational culture. I start by explaining the formation process of organizational culture. Secondly, I explain the situational leadership style and discuss the pros and cons of looking into leadership from a typological perspective. Finally, I elaborate on the role… Keep Reading

is data right

Is Data Always Right?

For several years now, data has been a master key unlocking many doors in marketing. The days are long past when large data volumes were the big thing, a more considered approach now holds sway. It is not about Big Data anymore but about Deep Data, Smart Data and, importantly, more and more, about Human… Keep Reading

emprendimiento social

The value of anthropology in social entrepreneurship

Have you asked yourself: what role can anthropology have in the world of social entrepreneurship? This article introduces some of the contributions that anthropological research can provide to the design, promotion, support, and evaluation of social entrepreneurship initiatives. I will start by defining what social enterprises are and then explain how anthropological research can contribute… Keep Reading


Chasing the Gamers

Towards the end of the 20th century, researchers went to great lengths to understand the Internet user. Now, with access to the world wide web much wider, no one sees Internet users as a homogeneous social group. Are gamers at the end of a similar road? Who is the Polish gamer today? The news that… Keep Reading

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