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In the following post I pretend to foreground certain spaces of the “anthropological blogosphere”, that is to say, anthropology blogs in the web.

In recent years, blogs have proved to be not only an effective tool for transmitting scientific knowledge, but also an interesting object for anthropological analysis. I would like to underline the important work developed by Adolfo Estaella in this sense. In his doctoral thesis “Assemblies of hope. An anthropological study of passionate blogging “, one can read:

“There are some who consider that blogs and the blogging practice open up new ways of developing science, for others it´s just a different way of developing journalism, a tool for new ways of doing politics or a medium and a context for transforming education ” (Estaella, 2012:162, own translation).


Regarding the anthropological blosphere, nine years ago, in 2008, Online Universities.Com published a list named “The 100 best blogs of anthropology” 

Most of the blogs in that list are in English, and although many are still open and you can consult them, most of them no longer update their content.

This is why we wanted to give you a list with some blogs of anthropology that we follow. It is not a list of “the best blogs” or a ranking of any kind. It is simply a list of current blogs that we believe you can enjoy reading.

And you? What type of anthropological blogs do you enjoy reading? How many anthropology blogs do you know? What blogs do you visit more frequently? What are you looking for when you visit a blog of anthropology? Here are some of the blogs we read.

Anthropology blogs in English

Savage minds 

This blog is runned by a group of writers since 2005 with an approximate frequency of 4 posts a week.

Digital Anthropology AAA

It is the blog of digital anthropology of the American Association of Anthropology, the largest association of professional anthropologists. It usually has a few posts every week.

Allegra laboratory

Interesting multidisciplinary initiative founded in 2013. They deal with topics related to anthropology, law and art. And its posts are of the most varied, being able to find essays, field notes, reviews of books and articles and news of events among other things.

Food Anthro

It is the blog of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition. They publish about two posts a week on topics related to anthropology of food and nutrition.


The blog of Gavin Johnston is a place where you can find thoughts on how business and human experience interact.


Although this blog is not being currently actualized, I wanted to share it, since I find it very useful. Here you can find mixed publications on applied social research, business anthropology, research on user experience and design, social observations and other topics by the anthropologist Amy L. Santee.

Material World

Space started by Daniel Miller and Haidy Geismar. Here you can find contemporary thoughts and debates centered on material and visual culture.

Geek anthropologist

The page for those of you into geek culture. They use to actualize every week, but their frequency has lowered in the past months. 

Group of writers who deal with varied topics of anthropology and sociology.

Media Anthropology 

Blog written by anthropologist John Postill, specialized in media and social media topics.


Anthropology Blogs in Spanish

An anthropologist in the moon 

Probably one of the most consulted anthropology blogs in Spanish. The author of this blog does a continuous and systematic work dealing with various issues surrounding anthropology. Definitely a very lively blog.

Applying Anthropology

From Argentina, the author of this blog works for the promotion and dissemination of academic and extra-academic anthropology.

The anthropologist beginner

A self-reflexive blog that approaches with close proximity the uncertainties of that one who embarks to study anthropology. His posts make you feel quickly identified if that´s your case.

anthropology blogs

About Business Anthropology 

A blog about marketing and anthropology for innovative organizations. In this blog you can find tips on anthropology in the world of Marketing and even in the world of SEO!


Since 2011, the companions of Antropomedia publish content thanks to which they help us to understand the complexity of the Internet from their study from Digital Anthropology, Social Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Network Science, Communication Sciences, Digital Marketing …

Industrial Anthropology 

This blog has received several awards and recognitions. Among them, he was a finalist several times in the Top Blog Marketing blogsfera awards. It is a blog of reference on anthropology industry, a subject of which it is not always easy to find information in Castilian.




It is a digital anthropology journal that is about three years old. Born in Madrid among friends and dealing with issues such as sexuality and gender, history, journalism and have drawn some special issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or one of Cuba

Le cor de las aparences

This is the blog of Manuel Delgado, one of the anthropologists that has done most for the diffusion of anthropology in Spain. For example by appearing many times on TV shows. In his work he argues a large range of topics, from UFOs, to urban social studies.

Anthropology: History and Theories. 

And last, but not least, I wanted to share with all of you this blog that an old professor I had did for his students. This is the perfect blog for a novel student of anthropology. Here you will find the principal authors, tendencies, and concepts to understand the basics of the history of our discipline.


In Anthropology 2.0 we have pointed out the importance of learning and forming anthropologists in communicative strategies before. From here, we want to support the efforts of all the people who feed the anthropological blogosphere.

Do you want to help us grow? In Anthropology 2.0 we strive to create interesting and quality content for you, our readers. Therefore, we would like to know what you would like to find on this blog. Or share with us other inspiring blogs!

Graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology by the University of Granada and Master in Research and Rational Use of Medicines by the University of Valencia. This young researcher has worked in the public and private sector - both nationally and internationally - on consumer issues.

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