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As a passionate traveler with an amplified curiosity for people and cultural dynamics, and as a social sciences enthusiast, Anthropology is the right professional path for me. When working inside companies and its people, Anthropology becomes a very comprehensive lens that helps to integrate all stakeholders’ interests in order to serve common goals. As a Human Resources Professional with a degree in Psychology (Venezuela-Spain), a Master in Business Administration & Human Resources (MBA) and a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology, I have more than 8 years of experience aligning HR systems to the business strategy by developing and implementing programs and procedures to attract, develop, challenge, motivate, and reward people. I am also passionate about beauty as a total social fact, and the study of body/cosmetic businesses. Among my interests is describing levels and types of beauty, analyzing body/beauty practices for marketing purposes, examining the relationship between body/beauty and certain gender and power dynamics that shape social structures, and investigating the social aspects that influence the construction of the “self-esteem”. CONTACT
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Contributions of Social Anthropology applied to Human Resources Management.

It is a common practice to hire anthropologists to represent the interests of the company in matters of Social Responsibility. For example, mining companies often hire anthropologists who specialize in environmental impact and community relations when extraction and production of mineral resources activities begin. However, and at the same time, they are mediators between the… Keep Reading

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