Sergio Morales Inga

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Bachelor in Anthropology from the National University of San Marcos. Has been teaching assistant in courses like Ethnographic knowledge (UNMSM, 2015), Epistemology of anthropology (UNMSM, 2016), Climate and organizational culture (ESAN, 2017), and Workshop of theory II (UNMSM, 2018). He has taught the Workshop on epistemology of the social sciences (UNMSM, 2014, 2015, 2016) and published in scientific journals and specialized blogs on topics such as anthropological theory, epistemology and research methodology, and organizational behavior. Currently, he is a research assistant at ESAN University.
business anthropology

Anthropologists on business? Five testimonies from Spain, Argentina and Peru

Co-author: Oswaldo Morales Tristán PhD in International Studies from Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies from the University of Waseda, Japan. MBA from ESAN. Master’s Degree in Economics and Regulation of Public Services from the University of Barcelona. Master in Business Law and Lawyer from the University of Lima. Director of Distance Education at ESAN and… Keep Reading

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